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A New Kind

Of Advisor.


The only source of knowledge is experience
Albert Einstein


(Introduction by Richard Simonelli)  I spent over 20 years on Wall Street including 10 at the New York Stock Exchange - where I was managing director of the intenational division. I've had the priviledge of travelling all over the world advising executives, ministers and heads of global organizations.  

I've worked with hundreds of management teams, top business people, lawyers and investment banking professionals from all over the world.  During my professional career, I've learned the value of having an experienced mentor and coach.  Through the work that I do for clients, I've had the opportunity to take a look at virtually every professional resource for growing and funding businesses that is available in today's marketplace.


 I'm committed to being a lifetime learner - so when I heard about Mark and the work that he was doing - it wasn' long before I found myself attending one of his seminars.  And there - for two full days I watched Mark hold the audience spell-bound with his charisma and charm - and depth of knowledge about creating real success in finding and funding any good business opportunity.

It was without a doubt the most uplifting and exhilirating seminar I've attended in the past 30 years - including college and business school.  I could see his system and technique for finding and funding great businesses - in the field of creating real value is, without a doubt, the cutting edge.

Throughout my career, I have been an advocate for clear, simple, workable approaches that get dependable results. And that’s just what Mark has to share with you, starting right now.  That's why I am so excited to introduce you to my good friend - Mark Gray

Richard Simonelli, Former Managing Director of the NYSE

"What about raising capital?  Our next guest is an expert on this business skill that's rarely taught and is often missing from the would-be entrepeneurs tool box.  Meet Mark Gray, CEO of Gray Capital ..."

CNN Anchor, Dennis Michaels


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